Woodland School

Whitehorse has been using its outdoor woodland training centre to deliver inspirational experiences to groups of young children and teenagers for over twelve years, and over the past four years has been developing an area of its site as a Forest School allowing younger pre-school children to also experience Forest School Learning.

Whitehorse’s ethos for Woodland Learning is about bringing nature and young people together so that they can experience and learn more about how to preserve their environment. We believe that by giving young children the opportunity to develop first hand the thrill of exploration with fun and educational outdoor activities can only help improve their understanding of the world.

The idea to develop our Forest School came from listening to staff from pre-schools in Dorset who were finding it difficult to access a private safe woodland environment where the children would be free to explore and learn with the minimum worry of interruptions from members of the public, mountain bike riders, dogs mess and the constant worry about safety of the children during a visit to the woods ruining the day.

Please download the leaflet below to see what a typical visit will be like.


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